A lawyer with the barber


A lawyer tries to make conversation when barber shaves his hair.

Barber whispers in lawyer’s ear:

─ This kid is one of the dumbest kids in the world!

Look, watch out now…

Barber shouts the kid:

─ John, come over!

whereupon this kid goes the store calmly and salutes everyone with his dumb smile.

“look at him now” Barber whispers quitely and shows him $5 and $20, then he speaks:

─ You can take which one you want.

The kid looks both of them and he finally takes $5.

Barber turns to lawyer.

“See, i told you.”

After he finishes shaving lawyer leaves the store and sees John

He goes to him and he asks the reason why he took $5 instead of $20

John replies him perfectly:

─ Hahaha…if i take $20, the game would be over.

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