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    Fred Came Home From University Thinking He Was Adopted

    Fred came home from University in tears. “Mum, am I adopted?” “No of course not”, replied his mother. Why would you think such a thing? Fred showed her his genealogy DNA test results. No match for any of his relatives, and strong matches for a family who lived the other side of the city. Perturbed, […] More

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    One Day Emma Came Home And Asked Her Mother

    One day, Emma came home and asked her mother, Sarah, to speak in private. They sat down in the kitchen, and Emma took a deep breath before she spoke. “I’m pregnant, Mom Sarah couldn’t believe what she was hearing, her eyes were wide open and she couldn’t calm down. “WHAT?! How could this happen?!” she […] More

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    A Woman Is Sitting Next To The Johnny

    A beautiful woman is sitting next to the little johnny on a plane. There is terrible turbulence and then the plane goes into a sudden nosedive. The Captain comes on the intercom and says “I hate to have to tell you this folk, but we might not walk away from this one.” Everyone begins to […] More

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    Banned From Tractor Supply

    Yesterday I was at my local TSC store buying a large bag of my dog’s food for my loyal livestock guard dog and was in the checkout, when a woman behind me asked if I had a dog? What did she think I had an elephant? So, since I’m retired and have little to do, […] More

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    Holding Onto The Saddle Horn

    A woman from New York was driving through a remote part of Arizona when her car broke down. An American Indian on horseback came along and offered her a ride to a nearby town. She climbed up behind him on the horse and they rode off. The ride was uneventful, except that every few minutes […] More

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    Half A Million Dollars

    Old Granny Parkinson had won over half a million dollars in the lottery, but as she was a frail little woman her family was concerned that the shock of hearing the news might prove too much for her. Accordingly, they called in the family doctor to ask his advice. “I’ll tell her if you like,” […] More

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    Forrest Gump Died And Went To Heaven

    As Forrest approaches the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter greeted him. “Ah, welcome, Mr. Gump. We’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival.” Forrest looked intently, not quite sure what to make of the scene in front of him. “Forrest, before I let you into Heaven, I need you to answer three questions. Would that be alright?” Forrest […] More

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    Joe Knows How To Handle Things At Home

    Joe had asked Bob to help him out with the deck after work,… So Bob just went straight over to Joe’s place. When they got to the door, Joe went straight to his wife, gave her a hug,.. And told her how beautiful she was and how much he had missed her at work. When […] More

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    At Walmart

    A boy starts his first day at Walmart. His trainer says to him “I’ll take care of the first 2 customers to show you how it’s done and you can look after the 3rd.” So the trainer goes to the first customer and says “Can I help you, m’am?” Lady goes “I’m looking for some […] More

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    First Time Meeting The Family

    A woman goes to her boyfriend’s parents’ house for dinner. This is tobe her first time meeting the family and she is very nervous. They all sit down and begin eating a fine meal. The woman is beginning to feel a little discomfort, thanks to her nervousness and the broccoli casserole. The gas pains are […] More

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    Timmy Wanted To Sleep With His Parents

    Little Timmy wanted to take a shower with his dad. His dad said don’t look down. Timmy looked down. Timmy said “What’s that?”. Timmy’s dad said “that’s Mr.wiggles”. Timmy wanted to take a shower with his mom. Timmy’s mom said don’t look down. Timmy looked down. Timmy said “What’s that?”. Timmy’s mom said “that’s my […] More