A Priest And A Nun Are Having a Tennis Match

A priest and a nun are having a tennis match…

The priest is very competitive, but can’t seem to bring his A-game to the nun who is clearly better.

After a volley from the nun, the priest misses and yells:

“Goddamn it! I missed!”, startling the nun.

She let it slip by and the match continues.

But alas, after a fierce back-hand from the nun, the priest misses and again yells:

“Goddamn it! I missed!”“Stop it” yells the nun.

“You can’t use the Lords name in vein like that!”

The priest apologizes. “I’m sorry, sister.

I swear to you, if I do it again, may God smite me with all his might.”

“Fair enough.” grumbles the nun. The match continues.

It’s going really well, but as faith may have it, the priest misses and slips another

“Goddamn it! I missed!”

Suddenly thick, dark clouds gather in the sky and with roaring thunder,

a lightning bolt shoots down to the earth and vaporizes the NUN into ashes…

A thundering voice emits from the skies:“Damn it! I missed!”

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