Severe Headache

A fellow had been suffering from a severe headache for several weeks and despite taking every sort of medication he could not get rid of it. In desperation he arranged to see a consultant, who after an extensive examination told the man that the only cure was for him to be castrated.

After much deliberation he decided that he couldn’t carry on suffering and decided to go ahead with the castration.

Days after the operation the fellow felt so much better, no headaches, that he decided to buy himself a new coat. Entering the shop and saying he wanted a new coat, the assistant said ‘yes sir, you are a 44’.

‘How do you know that’ the fellow said. ‘I’m a tailor and that’s what I do ‘ replied the assistant.

The fellow then decided to buy himself a new pair of trousers. ‘Yes sir’ said the assistant ‘You are a 30 inside leg’.

How do you know that?’ asked the fellow. ‘

i’m a tailor and that’s what I do’ replied the assistant who then asked the fellow ‘would you like some new underpants to go with your new trousers?’

‘Yes please’ said the fellow ‘size 34’.

‘No sir, you are a size 36’ said the assistant.

‘No I am a 34 and have always been so’ said the fellow.

The assistant said ‘If your underpants are too tight they will squeeze your balls and cause you to have sever headaches’.

God Will Provide

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