Sherlock Holmes Looks At The Night Sky

Sherlock Holmes and Watson are laying in their sleeping bags looking up at the midsummer sky.

Sherlock turns to Watson and asks, “Watson, what do you see?”

“Stars and the moon, dear Holmes,” he says.

“What does it mean?” Sherlock asks.

“Well,” says Watson. “It quite simply means that there are billions of gaseous balls burning millions of light years away.”

“No, what does it MEAN?” Sherlock asks.

“Well,” says Watson, “it means we are in the Northern Hemisphere based on the visible constellations.”

“But what does that MEAN?” Asks Sherlock.

“Well, astrologers would tell us we are under the sign of Leo, and the planets Jupiter and Saturn are almost in alignment.”


“My dear Holmes, I’ve given you three different answers.

What more could you possible want to know?”

“Watson, you blithering idiot.

Someone has stolen our tent!”

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