The Last Three People On Earth

At the end of humanity, there were three gentlemen left on the face of the Earth.

The Creator (or whatever divine entity you’d like to place here) descends from the heavens to congratulate the last three survivors.

“You’ve made it to the end my friends.” States the God-being to the three men.

“As reward for this accomplishment, I will create an individual Earth for each of you, filled with your most treasured desire.”

The three gentlemen began to shake with excitement and burst into streaming tears of joy.

“You will have 100 years of good health and no aging, to enjoy these places of chosen paradise.

Step forward and state your desire. Your paradise will be filled to the brim!”

The first man, an alchoholic, steps forward and states:

“I want my paradise filled with the best Beer!”

The God-being grants the desire and the paradise is filled with kegs of beer as far as the eye can see.

The second man, a sex addict, steps forward and states:

“I want my paradise filled with young and beautiful people to fulfill my sexual desires!”

Desire granted, and the paradise is filled with young and beautiful people willing to please.

The third man, a stoner, steps forward and states:

“I want my paradise filled with Marijuana!”

It is done. The men are transported to their paradises to enjoy 100 years of pleasure.

At the end of the 100 years the God-being brings them all together again to review how they’ve enjoyed their existence in Paradise.

“My children, please share how you’ve enjoyed your chosen paradise!”

The alcoholic steps forward, shaking uncontrollably.

“It was great at first oh wise one! But eventually all the beer began to go stale, and was disgusting! I haven’t had a drink in at least 90 years!”

The sex addict steps forward, crying with frustration.

“They all AGED! They didn’t stay young and beautiful! It was horrific! Why have you been so cruel to us!?”

The stoner slowly walks forward, shuffling his feet as he goes, defeated.

“Does anyone have a lighter?”

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