Three Women Were Having A Drink In A Bar

Three women were having a drink in a bar.

They were all claiming they could make their husband scream the loudest during bang bang.

“Alright,” one of them said, “let’s secretly record the audio and see who’s the loudest.”

Two days later they came back to the bar.

They all smugly lit a cigar each, convinced that they had won the contest.

The first woman played her husband’s recording and it was very loud.

“How did you manage that?” The two women asked.

“A whip during bang bang.” She replied proudly.

The second woman played her husband’s recording and it was even louder.

“How did you manage that?” They asked.

“A surprise strap-on.” The second wife replied.

The first woman laughed, that one definitely couldn’t be beaten.

The third woman proudly played her husband’s recording and incredibly he screamed so loudly it had broken the recording device.

The two woman sat in awe.“How did you manage that?”

They asked in shock. The third woman puffed up her cigar in triumph.

“I was having banged with someone else when my husband walked in on me.”

“With who?” The girls asked in shock.“His Dad.” The third wife replied.

“That definitely explains the scream!”

“Of course it does, he’s been dead for ten years.”

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