A Husband and Wife of Want To Spice Up Their Stale Sex Life

They want to try BDSM for the first time. So one afternoon, the husband comes home from work, heads upstairs to the bedroom to change, and finds his wife spread out on the bed decked out in bondage gear and lingerie.

Without skipping a beat the husband gets undressed and leans down and asks her in a very seductive tone of voice in her ear, “What do you want me to do for you, my queen?” The wife exclaims, “I WANT YOU TO TORTURE ME! YES! I WANT IT TO HURT SO MUCH! YES! YES! PLEASE, PLEASE TORTURE ME!!!’ The husband looks at her and says “Sure thing.

I’ll be right back!” He hurriedly walks out of the bedroom into another room down the hall.

Several minutes go by and the wife soon becomes perplexed to his whereabouts. She gets up out of the bed, pokes her head out of the bedroom door, and asks, “Honey, wha… well, what the hell are you doing?” She then sees her husband emerge from that room walking very fast towards her.

He races back to the bedroom, grabs her by both arms, kisses her, and then very seductively tosses her on the bed.

She catches her breath, grins, and then says to him in a sexy voice, “Took you long enough. You know I still want you to torture me.”

The husband replies, “Oh… yeah, no problem. I just installed Windows 10 on your laptop.”

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