A Pregnant Woman And Doctor

A pregnant woman is about to give birth.

The doctor has her on the delivery table, legs up in the stirrups.

Suddenly, he sees the top of a head push through.

Then the baby pops its head out and says to the doctor, “Are you my dad?”.

The doctor says, “No, I am your doctor!”.

With that, the baby pops right back inside. “Damn!”, says the doctor.

A short while later he sees the head push through again. “Are you my dad?”, asks the baby.

“No, I am your doctor.”, he replies. Once again the baby vanishes back into his mother’s womb.

The doctor turns to a nurse and says, “Nurse, get that baby’s father in here right away–we may have a situation on our hands!”.

Moments later the baby’s father is in the delivery room, and the baby’s head once again pops out.

“Are you my dad?”, the baby asks of the father.

The father replies, “Yes, little baby, I am your father!”

The baby then reaches up and begins poking his father in the forehead with his index finger–”How do you like that?”

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