An Old Man Entered The Car Agency

An Old man entered the car agency together with his young wife.

The owner of the agency spotted the couple and went over to wait upon them himself.

He could not help staring at the lady, which, of course, the old man noticed.

“May I propose a wager,” he said.

“If you can do everything to my wife that I can do and still end up the same way as I do, I will pay you to double for the car. But if you cannot, you will give it to me for free!”

“OK, agreed!”

The old man gave his wife a passionate kiss and the agency owner did the same.

Then the man unbuttoned her blouse and kissed her bre@sts.

So did the agency owner.

Then the husband opened his fly, pulled out his pecker and bent it in half.

“What color car do you want?” asked the agency owner.

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