Two Dogs In A Vets Waiting Room

Two dogs in a vets waiting room.

1st dog is old, grey around the muzzle has a bad limp and smells bad.

2nd dog, much younger, says to the old dog,

” Why are you here today ”

Old dog replies, ”I am going to be put to sleep, i’m in very bad health, and my time has come”

Young dog says he’s sorry to hear that.

Old dog then asks the younger dog

” Why are you here today ”

Young dog says ” Well the other day my mistress here was running a bath, she was bending over the bath swishing the water about and she was naked, as you can see she is a tasty bit of stuff, and I have fancied her for quite a while. Any way I couldn’t contain myself any longer and mounted her and gave her a good seeing to.

My God says the old dog, so are you being put to sleep as well.

”No says the young dog, I going to have my nails clipped.”

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