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A Woman Approaches Her Doctor And Says

Concerned about her relationship, a woman approaches her doctor and says “Doc, I’m getting married this week-end and my fiancée thinks I’m a v*rgin, is there anything you can do to help me?”

The doctor says, “Medically, no, but here’s something you can try… On the wedding night, when you’re getting ready for bed, take an elastic band and slide it up your upper thigh.

When your husband enters you for the first time, snap the elastic band and tell him it’s your v*rginity snapping.”

The woman loves this idea, and knows her hubby-to-be will fall for it.

They have a beautiful wedding and retire to the honeymoon suite.

The wife gets ready for bed in the bathroom, slips the elastic band up her leg, finishes preparing and climbs into
bed with her man.

Things begin to progress, her hubby “slips it in”, she snaps the elastic band, and the hubby screams…

“What the heck was that!!?” The wife explains, “Oh nothing honey, that was just my v*rginity snapping”.

The husband cries out, “Well snap it again, it’s got my b*lls!!”

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